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Dust Mail

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Warning: This is very early software and should be treated as such. It is recommended to not login using the credentials of your main email address until the first stable release.

Dust Mail is an opensource, fast and elegant mail client. It is still in active development and currently only has support for imap and smtp, with planned support for pop3, jmap and even Protonmail.

The main goal for Dust-Mail is to be as flexible as possible and support as many email protocols as possible while still keeping it available through one simple API specification. If you would like to see support for an email protocol that is not implemented yet, please create an issue!

If you do encounter any issues, please report the on the issues page, as there will be quite a lot of bugs and breakages in this early stage of development.

Currently, to get started with Dust Mail, you must setup the server and download / setup a client. For more information about this setup process, please visit the documentation.

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